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What can you trust of what you can’t see?

In his The Guardian essay, Teju Cole wrote about his love for photobooks, in what he described, “In an age of mayhem, everyone needs ballast and, for most people, I would guess, that ballast is made of several different things.” Other people’s ballasts, one that grounded them against all of the political squall and many […]

The matter of living

I have been writing more than reading this week (or more like editing) so when it comes to the end of the day when this blog demands its portion of content, I am embarrassed to say that I could not offer much today. But I come across this comic on the protection of minorities from […]

The civil contract of photography

Last month or so, I came across this thought-provoking review of a book called The Civil Contract of Photography by Ariella Azoulay, a curator, filmmaker, and professor at Brown, on viewing suffering in photographs, and it’s not only empathy we should be after, it’s action. Azoulay, a curator, filmmaker, and professor at Brown, is not interested […]