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Because someone woke you up

I just finished my 70th book of the year. It was Rachel Cusk’s Transit and in my opinion it was, well, A-OK since I am in the mood of reading something with at least some plots happening and Transit is the kind of book that does not offer that. I was once asked if I […]

Neurological dreams

When I was struggling with anxiety and constant panic attacks, I always noticed that I would get dreams involving one central theme the night before the attack would happen: weight, or having some sort of heaviness imposed upon me. As I tried to sleep after fighting worries enveloping me and thousands of horrible imaginary scenarios […]

Monster / intellectual

Oliver Sacks’ hand-annotated books. Credit: Bill Hayes   I need help. I have an obsession with marginalia. Though I might have been called a monster (when in fact, quite possibly an intellectual), I am a big believer in heavily highlighting, underlining and writing notes in the margins of (your very own) books. My books are […]

Brilliant, metallic hue

There’s a growing movement on turning phone screens to greyscale in an effort to break smartphone addiction. Companies use colors to encourage subconscious decisions, Mr. Ramsoy said. (So that, for example, I may want to open email, but I’ll end up on Instagram, having seen its colorful button.) Making the phone gray eliminates that manipulation. […]