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Design for its time

I’m loving this effort by the New York Public Library in providing bite-sized novels through the Stories feature on their Instagram account which are now already read by over 300,000 (!) people — somehow proving that it’s not that today’s generation reads less (we’ll get to this bit later too), it’s just that their reading […]

Screaming into the Internet void

Possibly one week into Instagram hiatus now. There definitely was the temptation to log in and just scroll endlessly into the night like before, but upon clicking on the icon app and was met with the sign-in page, I was reminded of my own personal promise to stay away from it as long as I […]

Discarding the ephemerality

It’s my second day of my hiatus from Instagram today. It’s definitely too early to talk about what I have learned over my ‘digital detox’ — if I could call it that, because I still practically live on Twitter — but I have thought a lot about how Instagram Story have somehow rewired my photo […]

Everything is a Story

Guess who has two thumbs, corkscrew curly hair, tons of coffee on a daily basis, and manages to write 2520 words today for her final two chapters of her thesis? It me! It definitely is a big deal since I could not find myself writing any long-form articles or documents of any kind with proper […]

Bless you

I think I have mentioned this a couple of times, but for the sake of context I am going to do it again: I am currently in the data cleaning and analysis stage of my Ph.D. My mixed methods involved a series of content analysis and social network analysis, involving about 20,000 tweets. I have […]

Pocket friends in a bin fire

I think it was about two to three weeks ago that I got overwhelmed with all the news and information on Twitter — on top of that people were fighting over something (as they always are) that I signed off Twitter by tweeting (how ironic) “Ok hell site, good night” and only reappeared about three […]