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A lot like him

My father’s supposedly 64th birthday is tomorrow. Holed up in the new home that we moved in 5 years ago — shared with my mother — during this Movement Control Order period, I think a lot about what he would react if he is still around. He would probably be like one of those stubborn […]

The Happiness Machine

“In the Arabic word is wahashtini which means “I miss you” addressing a female. The city’s name is also female, and as I saw this hashtag on the old corniche on a day I was barely able to see the sea, I felt it was symbolic – almost as if it was a complaint from the citizens […]

Taken to the sea

I have been reluctant to talk about my father’s supposedly 63rd birthday (he passed away in December 2011) which fell on last March 28th because — unlike what people have been describing — it does not get easier and I do not get happier, just because I seem so. I once posted this illustration by […]