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Suppose your side had won

Chiharu Shiota, A Room of Memorya, 2009 This week I learned that in about 55 days we were stuck at home quarantining, people 2000 years ago had taken the same length of time to travel from London to Constantinople by donkey and civilian boats in spring by the least amount of denarii possible. It was crazy how (surprise!) capitalism and […]

When technology ceased to be local

If there is one form of technology which I still fail to understand despite numerous readings, it has to be the concept of cryptocurrency. Not only understanding how it works is still vague to me, I do not quite understand what good it does — people keep telling me “because it’s decentralised!” — I still […]

The master’s tools

TIL you can’t block Mark Zuckerberg, AND his wife, on Facebook. H/T: @jilliancyork However, according to Mashable, it’s part of the built in feature of the site’s to prevent trolling campaigns against certain people, particularly one with a large following (Zuckerberg has over 90 million followers). “This error isn’t specific to any one account. It’s […]