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Stories we read

I submitted three chapters of my thesis last week — which, added up to the total amount of five chapters already submitted. That would leave me with at least two, at most three more chapters to go. The meeting with my supervisor actually went very well — we talked about submission month (4 more months […]

On colonial cartography

I came across this thought-provoking article on Real Life Mag by Apoorva Tadepalli today on how contemporary mapping — including the ones that are enabled by the Internet (think whenever you share your location on Snapchat, Instagram, or Strava) — is inherently derived from the colonial practice of the projecting borders and limitations, and consequently […]

Blog all your dog-eared pages

I just finished reading this novelette called A Dead Djinn in Cairo by Afro-Carribean-American speculative fiction writer, P. Djeli Clark. A detective story with a female lead (with some hints of alternate gender/sexuality) set in steampunk fantasy / magical realist Cairo where djinns, angels, and ghouls roam freely, mentions of alchemy and magic that could […]