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No way to trade the Earth

Creative director and artist Matt Jukes makes these lovely prints of “misremembered landscapes and nearly forgotten memories”. I picked up David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth — which is an extension out of his essay with the same title — this week, despite being terribly terrified of the prospect of the Earth burning us alive and sinking us […]

Choose your metaphor

I have been reading this depressing, though such a terribly revelatory book on the future of climate change The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells and thought I would like to share some excerpts. The climate change issue is getting so alarming it requires unconventional methods to not fix it, because we couldn’t, just to slow […]

Time to panic

It’s hot these days, and I am not talking about someone being a legit snack. I am talking about the literal heatwave in this part of the world that has become increasingly unbearable these days. A friend and I had been complaining, and it was not long until our conversation took a dark turn into […]