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To be fundamentally more invested in finding nourishment

Carolyn Lazard, CRIP TIME, 2018 Artist-provided visual description: A one-take video shot from an overhead view over the surface of a table. On an embroidered tablecloth is a 7-day weekly pill organizer separated into daily compartments. The labels on the organizer have been partially worn off through repeated use. A set of brown hands with gold […]

Teach thy tongue to say I do not know

I just came back from attending a very intense and useful workshop on ethnography, an anthropological method that I always find very interesting and something which I have always wanted to learn. For those not in social sciences, ethnography is the systematic method of studying people and culture. The ethnographer in the practice of classic […]

Sort of like an exhale

I guess this is the year where I reread the books I have read from a few years ago. At the top of my mind, the books that I have reread this year were Bruce Chatwin’s Under the Sun (I definitely had an absolutely different take especially reading it again right after finishing an Edward […]

What to say when you don’t know what to say

I have been an avid follower of the author and artist Austin Kleon for quite a while now, and often look forward to his series of weekly newsletters. I was not always too fond of newsletters where content is linked back to their own blogs, but for Austin I made an exception, as he shares […]

Monster / intellectual

Oliver Sacks’ hand-annotated books. Credit: Bill Hayes   I need help. I have an obsession with marginalia. Though I might have been called a monster (when in fact, quite possibly an intellectual), I am a big believer in heavily highlighting, underlining and writing notes in the margins of (your very own) books. My books are […]

To be an enchanter

I have been thinking to set myself up for a challenge beginning next week and towards 2018: to write every day. This is something I have been trying to do for months (years?) yet I have not picked up the discipline to do so. Then I figured the problem with me is this: I like […]