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On disinformation

Three categories of information disorder. Credit: Scientific American I was just thinking the other day as I delve more and more on the perils of technology and media in today’s challenging political and social scape, whatever that could be explained as, is that we should be focusing on the deeper systemic causes, rather than putting […]

You no longer own your face

Quite aghast to chance upon this article the other day. Granted, judging from the article’s leisurely tone, it is addressed towards audience who are not informed in the many ways a facial recognition system could harm everyone. It is said to be ‘brilliant’, it can ‘help’ track student’s attendance, it can ‘help’ eliminate the archaic […]

Robots are not coming for your job

I had been watching this anime series on Netflix called Aggretsuko, which tells of Retsuko, a seemingly timid office worker (anthromorphised by a character of a red panda) who goes to karaoke after work to belt out metal songs out to her heart’s content whenever she’s stressed. She briefly dated a tech mogul (anthromorphised by […]