Category: User Experience

In praise of boring UX

I changed my network settings the other day, which in turn means that I have to update all the devices inside the house with the new SSID and password. I forgot one device to update, and that is the printer with the wireless connection setup. The night before I left for the university, it failed […]

Why we should design for our 73-year-old self

As an extension to the post on Oliver Sacks’ frustration about how the world is increasingly less inclusive towards the elderly — here is Don Norman, the father of user experience and usability himself, decrying on everyday design that are hostile to older users: The number of active, healthy oldsters is large – and increasing. […]

Keyword void

TIL, keyword void, or search void. n.: a situation where searching for answers about a keyword returns an absence of authoritative, reliable results, in favor of “content produced by a niche group with a particular agenda.” An article by Renee DiResta at Wired uses the example of Vitamin K shots, a common treatment given to newborn […]

5 levels of difficulty

Yesterday, I attended this STEM communication workshop, organised by FameLab winners & lead by this year’s winner, Dr. Kye. It was super useful and filled with loads of new stuff, and on top of that I get to know some new researchers and learn all about themselves and their work, all equally interesting. One of […]

Momus’ window

I am currently in the midst of writing a paper on language and its affiliation in social media, specifically as in how opinion leadership emerges out of the noise in the online public sphere. I have always been interested in how meanings are formed through textual means, having been in user experience writing field for […]

Syntopical reading

If there is one thing you plan to read this week, but have not thought of any, why not give this one a chance: Why you should ‘read’ a product like a book There are four types of reading: elementary, inspectional, analytical and the highest level, syntopical. All of us basically move between Elementary and […]