Category: Sociology

On evil eye and envy

(Background: A few days earlier, in a community I joined I have come to a realisation that someone was unhappy about what I wrote, citing that we need to write more about “slices of life” like “coming home from work and watching YouTube”. I would normally let it go, but the fact that she made […]

Young, connected, and broke

I am currently reading a book called The Digital Party: Political Organisation and Online Democracy written by political sociologist Paolo Gerbaudo, which talks about the rise of digital political parties in these recent years. So what are digital parties? They refer to the rise of political parties which adopt the platform model of digital companies […]

On colonial cartography

I came across this thought-provoking article on Real Life Mag by Apoorva Tadepalli today on how contemporary mapping — including the ones that are enabled by the Internet (think whenever you share your location on Snapchat, Instagram, or Strava) — is inherently derived from the colonial practice of the projecting borders and limitations, and consequently […]

Time to panic

It’s hot these days, and I am not talking about someone being a legit snack. I am talking about the literal heatwave in this part of the world that has become increasingly unbearable these days. A friend and I had been complaining, and it was not long until our conversation took a dark turn into […]