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Get a plant to water often

I’m 3 years away of turning 40. Forty! What an absolute joke, I keep telling myself. I felt like my life skipped the whole 20s entirely and I turned 30 before I knew it. I remember about 10 years ago, talking about turning 38 in 2020 with a partner at the time, planning that we’d […]

An Eid prayer

Eid Mubarak to those celebrating. As some of us make way to Eid prayer in the morning, please make prayer for those in Sudan, in Palestine, those under occupation, in wars of any kind, in refugee camps, in detention centres, in places where joy & celebration are hard to come by. Think of those who […]

On productive stupidity

I am feeling somewhat scared now. I just walked out of this online workshop on Social Media and Social Network Analysis conducted by social media researcher, Dr Wasim Ahmed. It was brilliantly ran and I was very grateful for the online option offered, which is useful for someone 6000 miles away from where the workshop […]

Taken to the sea

I have been reluctant to talk about my father’s supposedly 63rd birthday (he passed away in December 2011) which fell on last March 28th because — unlike what people have been describing — it does not get easier and I do not get happier, just because I seem so. I once posted this illustration by […]

Speak into existence

Full disclosure: I used to be someone who was super gung-ho about announcing my next projects in line — whether they are still in the plan or already ongoing, and perhaps will never make it to completion at all — without any care in the world. I guess it is some way of me assigning […]

Hold a mirror up to each other

(I just sent a Very Important™ job application today recommended by a friend and I didn’t have a proper draft for today’s post. But, here it is.) I was driving today when my mind wandered (don’t worry, my focus was still as sharp as razor) — how did I ever manage to keep my sanity […]

Exercise that kindness muscle

Woke up to the terror attack news in New Zealand. Almost Pavlovian, my brain got into its usual analytical mode. I began to scan my Twitter timeline for updates and development — my brain in its full force digesting and critically digesting every part of news — the growing cycle of hatred, the rise of […]