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Eats, shoots and leaves

Quartz Obsession today speaks about the hill I would gladly die on: Oxford comma. In the master stylesheet where I list down grammatical technicalities to check as I edit documents, along with ‘replace dashes with em dashes wherever possible’ is to ‘check for the possibility of Oxford comma’. Turns out, I am not alone — […]

On languages & fluency

Something interesting I learned about languages today: Italians are some of the fastest speakers on the planet, chattering at up to nine syllables per second. Many Germans, on the other hand, are slow enunciators, delivering five to six syllables in the same amount of time. Yet in any given minute, Italians and Germans convey roughly […]


Currently rereading my own copy of Teju Cole’s collection of essays, Known and Strange Things — whose title is a reference to a passage from Seamus Heaney, “a hurry through which known and strange things pass”. I like finding out things like this, just when people would ask why Two Kinds of Intelligence? Of which […]

Returning to poetry

Roughly 7 years ago, I found myself in an awful place. I just managed to escape out of a toxic relationship and despite cherishing the newfound freedom with immense support from my wonderful network of friends — what would I do without them — I found myself terribly afraid of the future, especially since I […]


A very interesting short article on the proliferation of emoji being used in court cases, showing their potential for further research in the area of sociolinguistics: Emoji are showing up as evidence in court more frequently with each passing year. Between 2004 and 2019, there was an exponential rise in emoji and emoticon references in […]