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Against neutrality

The New York Times recently posted an article on Hope Hicks, who was one of the best-known but least visible former members of Trump’s White House staff, facing what is called “an existential crisis — whether to comply with a congressional subpoena”. The article frames its narrative as Hicks having to face her crime before […]

On editing and [redacted]

I’m currently proofing and copyediting two chapters of my thesis that I have spent writing for the past 2-3 weeks. During this stage, I could hear myself sometimes going between, “Did I really write that? That’s smart!” or “Did I really write that? What was I thinking?!” I always am slow when it comes to […]

Taken to the sea

I have been reluctant to talk about my father’s supposedly 63rd birthday (he passed away in December 2011) which fell on last March 28th because — unlike what people have been describing — it does not get easier and I do not get happier, just because I seem so. I once posted this illustration by […]

You are made to withstand an inferno

Five years ago I decided to jump on the Eurostar train from London to embark on a solo day trip to Paris. As I arrived ready to stuff my face with all the Parisian pastries, I remembered that there was a long queue to enter the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and to be honest I almost gave […]

Everyday empathy

I seldom check out Medium’s daily digest sent to my inbox, but today I am somehow directed to Mule Design co-founder Erica Hall’s excellent post on working within a team and yet not fully understanding what each other do in their roles and capacity, and how to break that barrier by exercising everyday empathy.

On regrets

I turned 37 yesterday. A few years earlier, having recovered from a terrible relationship, a friend asked, “have you ever regretted that one mistake you did?”. I caught myself off-guard — however somewhat full of pride — that I did not hesitate in the slightest bit in answering, “not at all”. 37 is an awful […]


It’s not something we would expect to hear years ago, but meme-centric businesses were struggling to keep up due to the fact that memes these days get even more nebulous, thus shortens the shelf lives of these companies’ merchandises. The 24-7 nature of today’s meme cycle has posed problems for businesses that design custom merchandise […]

Humour as protest strategy

Brilliant read on laughtivism – on humour as protest & counter-protest strategies from NYTimes. Using the case of counter-protest against white supremacist march in Knoxville, Tennesee in 2007 using word jumbles (“White power? White flour! Wife power! Tight shower!”), it lists down some basic yet effective strategies to counter bigotry and racial supremacy using humour, […]