What, from the quarantine, do you want to retain?

As the cities have started to reopen, I have been thinking about the activities, the habits, and the values I want to retain from the quarantine. Strangely I am not at all overjoyed at the prospect of being able to go to visit friends again or reading at the cafe or going to work within this New Normal, particularly thinking that I am living under the same roof with an elderly parent with some underlying medical conditions. If you have read through some of my previous posts, I have been quite persistent about the fear of forgetting of our awareness of the inequality gaps that surfaced during the pandemic, mostly a reminder to myself. I am very aware that I come from a place of privilege that made me able to live with abundance within the limitations that I have. At the same time, I am also very critical, and somehow also irked at myself to think that due to my privilege, there is something that I can learn from the sheltering in, while some others are struggling to survive. 

Julio Vincent Gambuto wrote in an article:

From one citizen to another, I beg of you: take a deep breath, ignore the deafening noise, and think deeply about what you want to put back into your life. This is our chance to define a new version of normal, a rare and truly sacred (yes, sacred) opportunity to get rid of the bullshit and to only bring back what works for us, what makes our lives richer, what makes our kids happier, what makes us truly proud.

Thus, I don’t want to forget both the grief and the beauty that came out of this. I especially don’t want to consume unnecessarily like before, living through a frenetic pace and forgetting that the cosmic world is more than just work and the flawed, capitalistic idea of productivity, keeping a healthier diet and work routine, and of course, doing more to fight for social justice.

What, from the quarantine, do you want to retain?

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