Month: March 2020

Poetic commute

Jessica Hibbard in her delightful Overlap newsletter, of which I often look forward to receiving every week, wrote, “In one of my favorite books about writing, Verlyn Klinkenborg advocates for noticing things and developing sentences in your head before writing them down. A small, 17-syllable poem is is easy enough to manipulate without committing anything […]

Having to listen to EDM for three weeks

The other day I posted a picture of Alexander Chee’s How to Write an Autobiographical Novel book on Instagram, with the cover clearly visible. My friend E, the passionate Turkish Aries of whom I met during my year doing MA in London, who has the tendency to talk with her hands flailing and who blushes […]

Bound to a place

We have the tendency to deliver the bad news first, good news after — perhaps as a form of mental defense and to soften the blow whatnot — so I am going to do the same here. The bad news: I have not received a single interview invite yet for 30+ job applications I have […]

February 2020

Every day I take a 1-second video using the app 1 Second Everyday to record what’s happening in my life. This is for February 2020, however brief, was a rollercoaster ride full of gaslighting, profanities, and tears. Thanks for nothing, Malaysian politicians.