The Earth is singing

(Note: I almost did not want to publish this because it felt like it was written with less thoughts than the rest, but I decided to keep it because I wanted to see the pattern of writing I did on days when writing even at least 300 words a day did not seem to come easy.)

I don’t think I have anything much to write today because, well, it’s OK to not have anything much to write some days and it’s OK to just not clarify why, which I am trying very hard not to do now.

My 2020 Moleskine planner arrived this week. After all these years, I am still a loyal Moleskine fan despite reports of its deteriorating paper quality, and despite the abundance of other brands of journals and planners in the market currently. There are lots of journals and planners with fancy covers and slightly thick and better papers, but oftentimes I would still find myself picking up a Moleskine. It’s a notebook that I don’t have to be careful with — I can throw it on the backseat on my car, glue papers all over the pages, write with a pressure hard enough for my handwriting to be felt on the other side of the page, staple notes all over them — sod all, I’d return and still refer to the notes in the end. I should probably write about what I write in my Moleskine (no you’re not seeing them twice — and no I don’t have a journaling system whatsoever) but I will think about it. It’s mostly full of notes screaming about my disbelief of the way tech industry had taken a direction — something like this today (see? You’re also fuming now.)

I also got a panini press the past few weeks, which I have wanted to write about since I have gone on carb overload and were obsessed making various paninis of all kinds, then I found other topics I wanted to write more about rather than about getting a panini press. A panini press is lovely, you should probably also get one.

And if you haven’t been here long enough already, you would have noticed I am a big fan of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her boisterous personality, so here are her answers to the questions people have asked her. Some personal favourites include:

  • On writing. “I like the possibilities that you have when you are writing. They are infinite. I always feel as though the story is there, floating around in my peripheral vision, I just need to catch sight of it for a second.”
  • On the comment that she’s always naturally self-confident, and if this is more than just her front stage persona. “I think confidence can be tied to permission. If you feel you have a place somewhere, you are more likely to assert yourself. Assertiveness isn’t a quality women are traditionally taught to possess and there are lots of professions where a woman can feel like a trespasser.”
  • On having to remind yourself about what your job entails. “I had to remind myself that my job is to move people, not impress them.”
  • Like a lot of us, Phoebe was also struggling to understand what some of the entries in her Notes app are about. “You reached deep into his heart, grabbed the grenade, pulled the pin, then ran away shouting sorrysorrysorry!!!”

Some related, some not, who cares:

  • Our planet’s magnetic field is “singing”. The European Space Agency just released a recording of the frequencies generated as a solar storm collided with Earth’s magnetic field.
  • I just subscribed to Flow State newsletter to get notified about new music every day. Yes, every day. You will be sent music recommendations along with some context about the artists and their work at 3 am ET so they will be ready for you when you start your day. Paying subscribers have access to over 300+ hours of music, and personalised playlists. Best part? They’re curated by humans, not algorithms.

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