Is it right because it has always been like that?

I finished writing my thesis today! All 257 pages, 59986 words in entirety. Surely it sounds like it calls for a celebration, but there is a huge amount of editing work to be done till next month. And so onward I shall do so.

Some things I have been consuming around the Internet, and outside the ‘Net too:

  • I have wanted to visit Iran for the longest time. Right now, I’d just be content viewing and drooling at all the pictures and descriptions in Alex Shams’ Twitter thread.
  • WITI on why Goodreads right now already works so well (for some), despite its frictions. I am one of those who frequent Goodreads to track the books I read, participate in reading challenges, and sometimes weigh out options of book purchases through the reviews, and I love how it, at this point of time, still not heavily algorithmised unlike other social media platforms.
  • Speaking of crowds, Nadia Eghbal writes on the effects of overcrowding on offline and online communities. The gatekeeping of locals from the places they inhabit, can they be akin to the dark forest?
  • I am currently obsessed with Elite, a Netflix Spanish series set in an international school filled with ridiculously attractive students, murder, sex, and manipulations. Some call it Spanish Riverdale or Gossip Girl. Expect lots of plot twists and super close face-to-face interactions between the characters, which couldn’t be comfortable?

I was outraged by some form of injustices last week, and my shoulders hurt as I felt helpless. So I reread my copy of Book of Dissent, all dog-eared, highlighted, and spine broken. Some sayings from the book:

  • “The ultimate aim of the government is not to rule, or restrain, by fear, nor to exact obedience, but contrariwise, to free every man from fear, that he may live in all possible security, in other words, to strengthen his natural right to exist and work without injury to himself or others.” – Benedict Spinoza, 1670.
  • “No man can be king by himself nor reign without people; whereas on the contrary, the people might subsist of themselves.” – Stephen Junius Brutus, 1579
  • “Just take four or five hundred women who are free from attachments, put bayonets in their hands, then see what a time they’d give you.” – Tarabai Shinde, 1882
  • “The people are the root of the nation. If the root withers, the nation shall be enfeebled.” – Donghak Rebellion, 1894
  • “Don’t waste any time in mourning — organise.” – Joe Hill, 1915
  • “Is it right because it has always been like that?” – Lu Xun, ‘Diary of a Madman’, 1918

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