Discarding the ephemerality

It’s my second day of my hiatus from Instagram today.

It’s definitely too early to talk about what I have learned over my ‘digital detox’ — if I could call it that, because I still practically live on Twitter — but I have thought a lot about how Instagram Story have somehow rewired my photo taking habits. My Instagram account is bloated by comparison to others. I have over 4000 photos uploaded to my main feed/page, which was a result of my daily photo-taking habit when I was studying and staying abroad. Those were the times when none of the Story format were available yet, so everything is up on the main page and you could easily view them without having them disappear in 24 hours.

Then there’s also that habit of deciding on multiple apps to take the photo when you come across something worth photographing — do I just take it on the native iPhone camera app, or straight away on Instagram story camera — but then, the formats don’t fit with each other (Instagram story dimensions are 1080px by 1920px, whilst the camera 750px x 1334px). If taken using the native app and uploaded to Story, some dimensions might change and I have to do prior editing. But if I were to take the picture using the camera view on Instagram Story, the resolution turns out to be poorer and further edits might diminish the quality of the whole photo.

So there, the whole (personal) conundrum of just taking one photo if I factor posting it to Instagram Story. I know not everyone is as obsessed with this as I am so it’s definitely a personal problem, and I WANT to be taking proper photos like before — taking it slow and steady to compose a proper caption and whatnot. Discarding the ephemerality in this fast-paced world of it all, you know.

It’s still two days into the hiatus so far, so we’ll see how it works soon.

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