An Eid prayer

An aerial shot of a community of Muslim men breaking fast, sitting cross-legged on colourful carpets
(Credit: Ishaq Madan)

Eid Mubarak to those celebrating. As some of us make way to Eid prayer in the morning, please make prayer for those in Sudan, in Palestine, those under occupation, in wars of any kind, in refugee camps, in detention centres, in places where joy & celebration are hard to come by.

Think of those who are homeless, stateless, incarcerated, undocumented, persecuted. Those who have lost their loved ones, those spending alone, those who are still starving even after Ramadan ends, those who are struggling under any conditions you might not understand.

Before you ask questions, think of many ways it might hurt people. Extend help to chores in the house, even culturally you are not expected to do so. May our prayers accepted, our Ramadan blessed, our Eid & Syawal abundant, filled with energy and love and knowledge we need to support each other.

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