Cats with socks

I just ploughed through another 2000 words today for thesis! Interestingly, I found out that I really enjoyed writing the methodology section, as it felt like my research design belongs to me and me alone, and I am in control of how it is in order to address my research questions. On top of that, I get to operationalise as many things as possible within my own terms, which is the level of independence and details I am willing to go in-depth in order to make my research as relevant and as easy to comprehend as possible.

There are at least two topics I wanted to write about — one as an extension to the previous post on sociological storytelling, and another essay will be on the rise of tech overlords regarding the .amazon internet domain fiasco. However, it’s already late and I have another allocated hour of reading before bed, so, here links of things I have read, watched, and encountered over the past week!

  • “In Lithuania, to get lost while picking mushrooms is a common enough occurrence to have its own word: nugrybauti. This man was the first I had met with such a serious case of the condition, though since taking up residence in the woods, I have often been nugrybaves myself. You achieve a state of nugrybauti when the thrill of having spotted choice edibles slides into uneasiness, brought on by the feeling that the forest has changed around you. Your sense of direction scampers off, and you trudge around aimlessly over moss, under branches, and around the skirts of spruces, lost—until, much later, you are back on a familiar path, though not where you thought you’d be.”
  • Some very interesting insights from this interview with writer Adam Minter on discards, among others: “From that point, I slowly began to understand that people in consumption-based societies assemble their identities via stuff, and become very emotional when those identities — and that stuff — is discarded in ways that don’t match their values. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that consumers actually care more about how their stuff is discarded, than how it is manufactured.” So, what he did to address with people on how to discard and recycle their stuff is, “It’s a fairly simple lesson: don’t arrive at someone’s house with the intention of tossing stuff into the garbage.”
  • Jess Wade is a scientist on a mission. She wants every woman who has achieved something impressive in science to get the prominence and recognition they deserve — starting with a Wikipedia entry (and now on to about 270 and counting!).
  • If you’re wondering why cats and so many other animals look like they’re wearing socks, it’s a result of a gene mutation called piebaldism.
  • The introduction section to an upcoming book on how today’s technology emulates Foucaultian notion of everyday prison, especially involving black people: Captivating Technology: Race, Carceral Technoscience, and Liberatory Imagination in Everyday Life.
  • I just discovered Slow TV on Netflix, and now I am thinking of getting a projector so I can just let the whole (about 7 hours!) show play in the background.
  • Just Audre Lorde on a canoe.

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