Speed vs velocity

One of the best Internet acronyms that I am guilty of found using too often is called TIL, stands for Today I Learned. I am not sure how everyone else operationalises it — some just use it to highlight theories, words, or phrases they have discovered that day — but I would say I’d define it for what exactly it is: (new) things I learned for the day, which may include a whole article.

Some TILs from previous days as jotted down in my Moleskine:

  • Aestivation, which is the opposite of hibernation, tells of this hypothesis: Maybe the reason we haven’t met heard from the aliens is because they are waiting for the stars to die out so it gets cold enough that they can efficiently run massively complex calculations that’d otherwise take tons of power to cool. Well, that’s entirely possible innit?
  • There are some ideas of Malcolm Gladwell’s that I found questionable, but this one I entirely agree: “I like ideas that absolve people of blame. That’s the most consistent theme in all of my work. I don’t like blaming people’s nature or behaviour for things. I like blaming systems and structures and environments for things.”
  • I have read and digested these many times, but still worth revisiting: why rich kids are so good at marshmallow test?
  • I love the work that Data Society does and I hope one day they’ll open a remote position because I too, want to be amazing doing things that they do. “There are many search terms for which all the available relevant data is limited, non-existent, or deeply problematic. We call these data voids.”
  • Humane by Design: a very important resource and guidelines for design decisions incorporating many facets such as transparency, empowering people, fostering inclusiveness, showing respect, and making thoughtful decisions.
  • On speed vs velocity: “Speed doesn’t care if you are moving toward your goals or not. Velocity, on the other hand, measures displacement over time. To have velocity, you need to be moving toward your goal.”
  • Australian writer Tom Taylor decided to spend a few days at an isolated cabin to write (BUT WHY) and of course some scary things ensued. If only he decides to check in a hotel room like Ian Fleming (or other normal people) would!

I’m not sure what to do this weekend, but there will be lots of reading to catch up. Enjoy your weekend!

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