Lists lists

I haven’t got any specific ideas on what to write today so I am going to recap what I did throughout the weekend (it’s 2 hours left till the end of Sunday in my time):

  • I am 83% through James Bridle’s New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future and I am very convinced that whatever I read about the future of technology, specifically, these days is going to depress me. I understand it is never good to be technologically-deterministic and to always be critical of every invention, but I think I need to take a step back for a bit. A proper review of the book might come, or might not. We’ll see.
  • I watched this heartwarming talk from TEDWomen 2012 on Paula Stone Williams and her son Jonathan on their journey together towards Paula’s transition as a transgender. It made me think a lot about the idea of unconditional acceptance of our loved ones, one without any list of caveats, if it is entirely possible, and how much we in all our roles (as a friend, daughter/son, employee, parent etc.) have learned to practice this with them. I am happy to come across this talk today, and I vow I will do better to practice compassion towards the people in my life.
  • I am currently using this app called 1 Second Everyday to take short (specifically 1-second) videos of my daily lives, where you get to stitch them together throughout some duration of time into a compelling, personal movie. I used to use this app diligently while I was abroad in London and Istanbul, ditching it sometime last year as the app becomes a repository of cat videos. Let’s try this again.
  • Very happy to come across this reading list on decolonising technology. It’s very important for me to learn academically how to decenter technology access and usage towards needs of only specific demographics and experiences.
  • My birthday’s coming up next week, and if there is only one (physical) thing I want, is this paperback copy of this book.
  • A friend is enrolling in a postgraduate programme and asked me what she should prepare. I sent her a 10-page Google Doc complete with a table of content, a preamble, page numbers, related links, and proper APA references.
  • Also happy to report that after three weeks, my newly-bought succulents are still alive and possibly growing out of their vases. As someone who has even had cacti die on her multiple times, this is actually quite a feat.

Bring it, Monday.

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