Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.

Max Lynch posted this tweet only two days ago, but I kept coming back to it:

Well hello, I am one of those talented folks! As a self-proclaimed remote working advocate, it’s safe to say that I could never see myself going to the office anymore.

How could I not? In my experience of working remotely for over 7 years, my team and I — who consisted of talented individuals spanning across two continents — get to save time commuting, create healthy boundaries (e.g. you get to set Slack to “no disturb” vs having a coworker waltz to your cubicle to talk to you about an email), are prone to less distractions, get to be more productive, and ultimately get to have more time for ourselves!

As an additional note on my personal experience: I graduated my MA (with distinction!) and also traversed across multiple continents while working remotely.

Most importantly, in the spirit of diversity and inclusion, hiring remotely also opens the opportunities to wonderful folks — who I believe want to do great things just as much as we do too! — who otherwise might be underrepresented and overlooked. These do not only comprise of folks who might be halfway across the world tinkering over a new coding language at home — but they might also be people with disabilities, people with obligations of parental or filial care, or could not afford to relocate or commute for many reasons — among others I could think of.

I understand it might not work for everyone, and not all companies are open to this idea. But tech company owners, if you ever have the slightest idea of allowing your team to go remotely, you might want to do so.

In the words of Mekka Okereke, “Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.” Once we have doors opened for us to do great things, why not swing them open wider for the rest to do the same too?

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