Momus’ window

I am currently in the midst of writing a paper on language and its affiliation in social media, specifically as in how opinion leadership emerges out of the noise in the online public sphere. I have always been interested in how meanings are formed through textual means, having been in user experience writing field for quite some time.  However, I have never been trained in linguistics, although I am familiar with several terms I have heard through reading and movies. There was that time I let out a squeal when Louise mentioned of Sapir-Whorf theory in my favourite movie, Arrival, as it was something I could recognise from my readings.

While doing research for the paper, I came across this wonderful book called Discourse of Twitter and Social Media, by linguist Michele Zappavigna. This quote struck me the first time, how true it is:

Social media can be used like “Momus’ window of Greek mythology, revealing one’s innermost thoughts for all to see.”

I am currently reading the first one hundred pages at the moment, so I am doing my best to summarise what I have found interesting so far regarding ‘searchable talk’:

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